The perfect setting for a romantic wedding. Can we picnic at @graystonequarry everyday?
— thedresstheorynashville

Dreams really do come true.
— B.G.

Had a great time checking out Middle Tennessee’s new event space and Amphitheater. Graystone quarry in Thompson Station is poised to be a fantastic addition to the community. Rick and Nancy are gracious hosts and wonderful visionaries. They have recycled a dumps worth of trash and refuse and created a gorgeous event center. Bravo!
— Whit Hubner, Hippie Radio 94.5

So excited for this! I shot 30 weddings last year and the majority in this area were barn or plantation weddings.Ready for something new!
— J.K.

Very excited to have this first class venue in our town!
— T.S.

Such a beautiful place, with lovely people, can’t wait for the end result!
— A.S.

Amazing looking place! So great to see our little community grow :) You have gone above and beyond on this. Love it.
— J.T.

We are so excited about this!
— A.L.

Can’t wait to see and experience this magical place!!
— K.P.

You had me at air conditioned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
— L.R.

How exciting to have “culture” so near without having to drive to Nashville. This area is booming and can certainly sustain the Graystone venue. I will be front row when and if Earth Wind and Fire visit!
— S.E.

I think what you guys are doing is going to be spectacular and will be very well received in this region. Thanks for taking the risk.
— D.T.

I am so stinkin’ excited!!!!!!!
— P.L.

This is awesome!!!!
— N.G.

This will be awesome!
— M.R.

Looks like Williamson County will have an AWESOME outdoor amphitheater SOON!
— TheJamCamp

@GraystoneQuarry We are SO excited about you guys!!!
— ALT983

Excited to have this right in our backyard! Waterfall dining, music, events...awesome! Nashville needed this!
— A.L.

Reminded yet again why I’m glad I moved to S. Franklin. Here comes @GraystoneQuarry #LiveMusic
— J.

Nashville is getting another outdoor amphitheater. @GraystoneQuarry is in Williamson County and looks really cool.
— Nashville Experience

This is going to be so cool!
— A.B.

Music stretches beyond Nashville’s city limits. This is going to be pretty cool!
— K.S.

VERY excited to see this project come to “South of Nashville”! Bring it on!!!
— B.B.

I love your vision and the unique, resourceful way you’ve used a potential eyesore for a great entertainment venue.
— M.H.

Very cool !!!! Can’t wait to see the place!!! 7 minutes from the house!!!
— T.M.C.

Can’t wait to see this new venue
— S.L.

Sounds amazing!
— K.B.

So excited this venue is coming! Looks beautiful!!
— J.G.

Oh my... Your drawings are spectacular. What a great thing for our community. Please keep us posted on your progress. Best wishes for quite a grand project.
— J.B.

This looks like it will be amazing! I do wedding photography and will certainly keep this in mind when brides are looking for venues!
— A.Z.

I can’t wait to see it and enjoy concerts there!!!!!! Or just sit and take in all the beauty of it all!!!!!
— C.L.

Finally!!!!! Here we go!!!
— S.M.

Photo by Jessie Holloway